Rebecca Quiring
May 13, 2019

What is your “ask” right now? What would most help your business grow at this moment?

My biggest ask is for a female RMT to join our growing business.

What are the networking tips you would share with new entrepreneurs who are starting out in Ottawa?

Listen to people around you. You never know where your next client or networking partner will come from. It could be a Uber driver or someone in a waiting room at the doctor’s office.

If you get distracted, what helps you focus and get stuff done?

My bookkeeper, accountant, and my friends!

How do you get the majority of your leads or clients now? Any tips you can share?

Word of mouth is the best way I get my client. Always giving 100% to clients and they will naturally refer to you!

What Ottawa organizations, groups, or companies have provided support to you as a new business that you would recommend?

BNI, and GR are the two networking groups I joined and spent time learning from others!

Rebecca Quiring

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