By Blair Kilrea Nov 16, 2019


Even the most self-driven face challenges sometimes. But here at Collab Space, we never deliver bad news without a solution and great news.

Bad News

Working from home all day is getting lonely, and the lines between work and life are becoming blurry. And perhaps when you’re looking for some human interaction, you might venture into a coffee shop, where you might struggle to find a spot with an outlet and a big enough table, or just one without the constant buzz of soy lattés and cold brews being ordered. Distractions are starting to negatively affect your output.

Collab Space common space

Good News

Collab Space is the solution. We know that the keyword in “freelance” is “free” so we want to help free up some of your time. See what we did there?  While you focus your energy on your work and your clients, we’ll take care of home base.

What You Get

  • Flexibility, with Control

    Work hard, play hard, am I right? But how does one do that when one works where one plays? Work in a controlled office space, while maintaining your work life balance. A dream come true.

  • A home for productivity

    Maintaining a structured work day with a positive working atmosphere is guaranteed to improve productivity. This coworking space is designed to help you focus, even when distractions are whispering your name. Learn how to be more productive with Collab Space!

  • Look good, feel good

    Meeting rooms, administrative staff, an office address, and bam, it’s like you traded a closet of sweats to blazers. Welcome your prospective clients to your new digs, they’ll see it as a reflection of your professionalism.

  • Networking and collaboration

    Working in the same space as like-minded, motivated people like yourself opens the door to supportive business relationships. Networking opportunities can help you grow. Interact with some of the best consultants in Ottawa at Collab Space!

  • A strong work culture

    An environment fostering legitimacy, professionalism, and credibility: the key ingredients of a solid foundation for your business. Not to mention, the sense of entrepreneurial, go-getter spirit is infectious.

  • Save time and money

    Who doesn’t love saving those two things? With flexible membership terms, you will. And while it may cost more than working from home, the temptations of the couch have no power over you here. And let’s be honest, the price for valuable opportunities is immeasurable. Collab Space often hosts talks and events led by experts with wisdom to share; you just can’t put a price tag on that.

Relevant Benefits

Free High-speed Wifi & Internet

Free parking

24/7 access, 2 locations


Office space

Printer, scanner, copier


Business Networking


Freelance, Freedom, same difference!

Your new office space awaits you for just $399/month, no strings attached. Join the community now!

If you change your mind, our pay-as-you-go model means you’re not tied to us for any amount of time, but we think you might find that you’ll want to be.

Partners / Clients

Major clients and partners


“Collab Space has been a fantastic base of operations for the Lyft Ottawa team. Emile and his team have been nothing but helpful, the building’s amenities are top-notch, and the community is made up of awesome members. Collab Space is a great home for any kind of company, large or small!”

Alex Mahon


Your new office space awaits you for just $399/month, no strings attached.

About Us

Collab Space

It takes a community to raise a successful business. That’s what Emile Salem and Blair Kilrea, the founders of Collab Space believe, and that’s exactly what they set out to be: the backbone to the small business community in Ottawa. For that reason, Collab Space is more than a physical place to work, it has the heart and soul of a community, supporting each other to overcome business challenges faced on the road to success.