From Coffee Shops to Co-working Space
Jun 28, 2019

There are many milestones that mark a person’s life. The first time you start walking, the first time you leave your parents’ home, and the first time you transition from a coffee shop to a co-working space. Like many other ‘firsts’, the first time working with other people comes with its own complications. There’s a new normal to navigate, new people to interact with on a regular basis, plus a new schedule to get used to. To help make your transition smooth, we’ve comprised a list of 5 things to keep in mind when moving from a coffee shop to a co-working space. 

Be friendly 

It’s really as simple as that. Be friendly to your new ‘co workers’. Remember, it’s a co-working space, not a private office, so going out of your way to talk to other people who are also sharing the workspace will help make your transition smoother. A few greeting remarks to keep in mind: ‘hello’, ‘hi’, ‘how’s your day’, or even ‘what did you have for breakfast’? Whatever you choose, there’s no telling how far a nice smile and a simple ‘hello’ will take you. 

Be respectful

Allow me to paint a picture. It’s a busy workday. You’ve had lots of meetings with clients . As such, you’ve had no time to sit down and eat, so you decide to quickly warm up and eat your food in the break room.  Because you have another meeting immediately after, you leave your lunch bowl sitting around and your new coworkers walk in to find your half eaten lasagna on the kitchen table. When it comes to sharing a public area, it’s important to think about how your actions will affect other people. Being respectful of a shared space and other people’s belongings will ensure that your transition is without tension. 

Be collaborative 

Be open to discussing your ideas with your new co-workers. One of the benefits of working in a co-working space is it allows you to collaborate with other people. Remember, there are reasons you chose to move away from working in a coffee shop, and one of them is probably to get out of your own head. Offer up your services and be open to receiving input from other people. By being open to feedback from your ‘coworkers’, you’ll get a much better experience from your co-working space. 

Be resourceful 

Take advantage of the tools available in your co-working space and use it to improve your business. Does your coworking space host monthly networking events? Go! Do they offer workshops with industry experts from your discipline? Whatever it may be, be sure to take advantage of the tools available to you at your disposal. You’ll be thankful you did in the long run. Plus, it keeps you from becoming a recluse 

Be flexible 

Resist the urge to sit in the same room every day. Be sure to move around in your co-working space and try out other spaces that work for you. Not only does this force you to meet new people, it also forces you to remain agile, which has long term physical health benefits.