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Global Warming And What To Do About It V2.0

Sep 24, 2019 7:00 PM

This evenings event is all about global warming and what you can do about it! Come and listen to Peter Black and Gerald Oakham give you all the details!

Here's what will be covered:

Global Warming – The Problem

  • What and who is causing it?
  • What harm has global warming caused already? 
  • What harm would 1.5 degree and 2 degree warming cause?

Responses to Global Warming – Mitigation

  • Government action
    • International
    • Canadian government
    • What has been achieved
  • Personal action
    • Reduce personal carbon footprint
    • Influence organizations
    • Engage in civic action
    • Engage in political action – pressure/elect effective governments

Responses to Global Warming – Adaptation

  • Adaptation measures by government
  • Adaptation measures by individuals

Peter Black
Peter is a former Assistant Director of Policy Analysis in federal Office of Energy Efficiency delivering programs to mitigate global warming.

Gerald Oakham
Gerald is a Distinguished Research Professor in Science at Carleton University. He is looking at the science behind global warming and the actions that can be taken to reduce the impact of climate change and adapt to the changes that will occur.