Andrew Munro
Jan 24, 2019

What’s the elevator pitch for your company and why did you get into this business?

Gamble Technologies Ltd. (GTL) is a full service distributor of scientific instruments in Canada. Our products include radiation detection and identification (spectroscopy) for alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation, as well as optical spectroscopies (UV-VIS, NIR, Raman, Hyperspectral). We also carry leading solutions in scientific imaging and surveillance (UV, VIS and SWIR cameras), and in electrochemistry (electronic testing – impedance, conductivity, etc.).


What events do you make a point of attending on a regular basis? What value do you get out of these events?

We attend specific trade shows in our markets, such as security conferences and physics/chemistry symposiums.


What do you like about being a member of Collab Space?

Our business is one of reputation and referrals. We strive to keep the customers we have, and make new ones. From a marketing perspective, Collab Space is yet another great chance to make new contacts.


How do you get the majority of your leads or clients now? Any tips you can share?

Our customers often seek us out on our website (or the sites of our supplier partners), due to the market being very niche. That said, there are many people who do not yet know of us that could greatly benefit from our service, and thus word of mouth and referrals are invaluable to us.


What is your favorite business-related quote and what does it mean to you?

“Failure is a natural step to success… be sure to keep going until you get there”. It is important not to get too disillusioned after a failure. Skills are learned, not inherent.

Andrew Munro

Gamble Technologies Ltd.

Email: [email protected]