Neelam Kaur
Oct 30, 2019

What were you doing before you started your business and what inspired you to try entrepreneurship?

Sales, Marketing, Deli Clerk, Reception, Dispatch, Recruiting, Labour… you name it! Before entrepreneurship I couldn’t hold down a job, get into any office for 9AM, let alone do paperwork. Working for myself, I have no problem hoping out of bed at 2AM for a bridal makeup, lashing till 9PM or spending hours on admin & marketing… I love it!

What are the networking tips you would share with new entrepreneurs who are starting out in Ottawa?

I’ve been in Ottawa now for less than two years and the ONLY way I was able to start & grow my business was through networking! Everytime one comes up I get super anxious and nervous, but it calms down after being there for a little bit. Mom groups, business groups, any groups really… it was really nice! I wasn’t even doing it to grow my business at the time… it was just to get out and meet other humans!

Are there any productivity hacks you’ve experimented with? How did they work for you?

I tend to get overwhelmed, excited by ideas (shiny object syndrome), create these major to-do lists and then do nothing cause I can’t wrap my head around where to start or what to focus on. The absolute best concept I’ve ever been introduced to is The Eisenhower Matrix. It is GAME CHANGING, if you don’t know what it is – go look it up now. Seriously, go.

How did you get your first client?

Majority of my clients now come in through online marketing, referrals or a combination of the both. I really would not have been able to grow my business if it wasn’t from the friends I’ve made at networking events and them tagging me anytime a recommendation was asked for. I can’t explain how happy my heart feels and how honored I am see that little notification anyone tags Red Carpet Glamour in a post. It really feels like a little badge every time which is why I work so hard at delivering a great client experience. I don’t want to let down a client but I don’t want to let down those who refer either!

What is your favorite business-related quote and what does it mean to you?

Progress not Perfection. This is the hardest thing to follow because I’m a perfectionist but I have to keep remembering myself, the sooner I release something or implement something the sooner it can start to become better. Rather than focusing on every little detail, just throw it out there and you’ll find out what really matters. Much less wasted effort.

Neelam Kaur

Red Carpet Glamour

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