Jennifer Tomlinson
May 14, 2019

What’s the elevator pitch for your company and why did you get into this business?

This Is First Aid is a community-focused First Aid & CPR training company offering certification courses from the Canadian Red Cross, as well as other first aid-related training. Our courses are learner-centered, which means we work really hard to deliver courses in ways that are relevant and engaging for our students! We really believe that EVERYONE should know first aid and CPR, so we try to make our courses accessible to everyone, regardless of age, income, language, or other potential barriers. All of our instructors are current or former paramedics, so students get the benefit of real-life experience and real-life stories.Did you do a lot of networking when you got started? How did you grow your network and make it work for you?

Did you do a lot of networking when you got started? How did you grow your network and make it work for you?

No, and it was a mistake! We’re relatively new to the networking community, and we’ve already made many wonderful connections. We describe our company as community-focused, which means we love working with people and groups who are making positive contributions to our community, and networking has turned out to be an amazing way of making connections like this.

How many hours do you currently put in as an entrepreneur and how do you feel about that?

ALL the hours! Our website says we’re open 24 hours, which is kind of weird for a training company, but if you have a first aid question at 3am, we’re usually around to answer it. As for how we feel about it, well… we LOVE first aid, and we LOVE supporting our students, but a vacation probably wouldn’t go amiss!

How do you measure your client’s satisfaction and what have you learned from this process?

We ask all our students to complete evaluations after each course, and we make sure they know we’re open to feedback via phone or email at any time. We love hearing from our students and reading their evaluations; they provide a real opportunity to improve our training. We’ve found these evaluations are especially useful in deciding how our course locations are working out. We tried online evaluations for a short time, but we found the completion rate for those evaluations wasn’t great, so we try to get feedback from our students before they walk out the door.

What was the first thing you outsourced or hired for and are there any lessons you can share from that?

To be honest, I love the training end of this business, and have never much liked the “business” end of the business. When I first started, I hired someone to deal with the administrative side of things, but I quickly discovered that hiring someone just to get rid of a job I didn’t want to do myself isn’t a great policy. Because I had never really been invested in the administrative side of things, my employee wasn’t either, and I quickly learned that if I wanted to offer clients amazing service, I needed to embrace the marketing, the bookkeeping, and the paperwork. So, now I take care of that myself and hire instructors to help with the training end of things.

Jennifer Tomlinson

This Is First Aid

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Upcoming Events: We have a few courses coming up very soon, including some Psychological First Aid Classes!