Jason Victor
Oct 30, 2019

Who is the best client for you? How do they benefit from your business?

The best client is a homeowner who is looking to complete a small project around the house or a Professional/Company who is looking to take on more work to fill in their gaps

Did you do a lot of networking when you got started? How did you grow your network and make it work for you?

Yes I did a lot of networking, I tried to attend a networking event on a weekly basis, anything from BNI, to creative mornings, and several others. No professionals nor homeowners came onboard from these networking events however it definitely helped to get the word out

What do you like about being a member of Collab Space?

Other great entrepreneurs working hard day in and day out. This is motivating and encourages others to work hard too

How do you get the majority of your leads or clients now? Any tips you can share?

Facebook groups and reaching out to other peoples suggestions for professionals, referrals are the best!

Do you have any unique interview or vetting questions or processes you use when you’re looking to hire an employee or contractor?

Would you rather $100k salary and 20k in stock options of Uber or Facebook or $20k salary and 100k in stock options, very telling of a new hire and what motivates them

Jason Victor

Jiffy Inc

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